The Art of Loving Lost: Huh?


loveLast week I contacted the journalist who wrote an article titled The Azores: An untamed island paradise only a few hours by air from North America.  In a tiny comments box I typed an even tinier note introducing myself and explaining my interest in learning more about the archipelago known as the Azores.  I included a link to my BLOG offering a point of reference for the conversation.  In an ironic twist of fate, I inadvertently typed the address; fortunately it didn’t match a site on the Internet prompting the journalist to ask if I mistyped the web address – I did.  When I looked at the link I realized I typed The Art of LOVING Lost versus The Art of LIVING Lost.  I chuckled and sent her an updated link.

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The Art of Living Lost: Enduring the Waves of Time

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 7.37

StampI will start by saying I lead a blessed life!

In 1979 my Mom graduated from college and I graduated from the 8th grade; to celebrate both occasions my family took a cruise from New York to the Bahamas.  As many of you know, cruising is a great family experience; adults can eat, drink and relax while children are offered opportunities to go on new and inspired adventures.  One of the shipboard activities called “letter in a bottle”, encouraged children to write short notes about themselves adding their return address.  It was all very exciting!  Once the letters were written and stuffed into a corked bottle, we were trotted to the stern where we tossed the bottles into the Atlantic Ocean.  Done.  Fun.  Find me some mini-quiche!

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The Art of Living Lost: Skiing as a Metaphor for Life


Today I decided to try cross-country skiing with a friend.


Look at those legs; I’m strong, confident and poised for action.  I wasn’t actually moving but I look good right?  Besides how hard could cross-country skiing be?  You shush under your own steam, there aren’t black diamond hills to navigate and it’s not about speed or competition; it’s about relaxation, nature and fresh air.  This is my kind of sport!

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The Art of Living Lost: Stages of Grief as Defined by MOI!


feetThe five stages of grief defined by Elisabeth Kübler-Ros are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  The TEN stages of grief as defined by MOI are shock, energizer bunny, fat, doormat, fatter, cheese-stands-alone, exercise, pissed-off, lost and, my favorite, JOY.   I’ll skip shock to protect the innocent; let’s just say, no matter how ready you are, death is shocking.

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The Art of Living Lost: Architect of Change

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.03.57 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.03.57 AM

New Year — New Format!  I thought I’d mix it up a bit and add recorded media to my BLOG.

A few weeks ago I was invited to be a guest on WebTalkRadio.  The show is called Architect of Change hosted by Connie Whitman of Whitman and Associates.  We recorded the show on December 29th and it was the perfect end to an amazing year.  I was nervous, happy, confident and sad all during the same 30-minute conversation.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I hope you find the discussion entertaining.

Now stop trying to click the photo at the header of the BLOG and checkout WEB TALK RADIO: Architect of Change

Have a great week,

The Art of Living Lost: My Life in Ornaments


Tree_topYou don’t have to go far to get lost in the joy of Christmas!

Some of my greatest adventures are memorialized on my Christmas tree.  Our first Christmas together and baby’s, baby’s, baby’s first Christmas.  I have ornaments that were gifts from friends and family and mementos I’ve collected from cities far and wide.  There are ornaments from past roommates, old boy friends and favorite clients.

Over the years I’ve added homemade treasures that include school photos, painted shells, crystal snowflakes and glittered pine cones.  I have a peanut wise man who my grandfather made when he was 8 and a beer can cut and decorated to look like a holiday wreath.  These are the ornaments I value the most!

You can tell a lot about a family by how their Christmas tree is decorated.  Our tree shouts family and friends, pets, movies, love and loss.  Which I guess pretty much describes us?

Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary; the traditional gift is silver, which symbolizes beauty.  Grab a glass of wine and look at the beauty that is reflected in your Christmas tree — what adventures do you remember?  Send me a note.

You don’t have a tree?  Call me; I’m happy to share!

Have a great week,


The Art of Living Lost: Holy Cow!


CowLet me start by saying, I have a varied set of interests, and when I heard a local farm had a newborn calf in residence I knew I had to get in on the action!   Now cows are not the most active animals on the farm but mere words cannot explain the excitement I felt when I crossed the farm and stepped into the barn.  My first introduction was to Gus and Ada and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if they were horses or big cows.  Don’t judge.  Comparatively speaking it’s easier to tell the difference when you get a closer look.  Horses.  Yes, they were definitely horses.

Next I met Blossom (heifer no babies), Daisy (cow named after the flower), Lilly (cow and my new BFF) and Dazey (cow named after the butter churn).  Alongside Dazey, was her beautiful yet to be named calf who is lovingly pictured above.  His tangle of legs, snugly brown color and big soulful eyes had me wondering — could I live and work on a farm full-time?  I mentioned this to my guide and she replied, “After reading your BLOG, you could probably do anything” and that’s the point, I CAN do anything.  I can take an hour off and witness the beauty that is a cow.  So while it wasn’t a far-flung adventure, it did offer a great sense of accomplishment and joy.

What did I do you might ask?  I milked Lilly but that’s a story for another time…

Have a great week!