The Art of Loving Lost: Huh?


loveLast week I contacted the journalist who wrote an article titled The Azores: An untamed island paradise only a few hours by air from North America.  In a tiny comments box I typed an even tinier note introducing myself and explaining my interest in learning more about the archipelago known as the Azores.  I included a link to my BLOG offering a point of reference for the conversation.  In an ironic twist of fate, I inadvertently typed the address; fortunately it didn’t match a site on the Internet prompting the journalist to ask if I mistyped the web address – I did.  When I looked at the link I realized I typed The Art of LOVING Lost versus The Art of LIVING Lost.  I chuckled and sent her an updated link.

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The Art of Living Lost: Enduring the Waves of Time

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StampI will start by saying I lead a blessed life!

In 1979 my Mom graduated from college and I graduated from the 8th grade; to celebrate both occasions my family took a cruise from New York to the Bahamas.  As many of you know, cruising is a great family experience; adults can eat, drink and relax while children are offered opportunities to go on new and inspired adventures.  One of the shipboard activities called “letter in a bottle”, encouraged children to write short notes about themselves adding their return address.  It was all very exciting!  Once the letters were written and stuffed into a corked bottle, we were trotted to the stern where we tossed the bottles into the Atlantic Ocean.  Done.  Fun.  Find me some mini-quiche!

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