The Art of Living Lost: Livin la Vida Loca



As you read this, I am off living one of my wildest dreams.

Buckle up cause you’re in for a wild ride!  Ok, don’t buckle up NOW because your sort of have to wait a week — but NEXT Friday — my antics will make your heart RACE.

OY, I’m Livin a BLESSED la Vida Loca!

The Art of Living Lost: Hey Big Boy!


Last week as I was preparing for brunch with friends, I found myself in the local liquor store.

As I wandered the isles lined with wines from around the world, I smiled remembering the times I’d spent exploring Germany, Italy and France.  While my fingers skimmed the Cupcake and Mommy’s Time Out labels, I felt the exhaustion of parenthood wash over me and was silently grateful to be beyond the diapering phase of my life.  It was with this relieved and rested spirit that I raced to find the vodka; but alas the liquor store wasn’t done with me.

IMG_8765Perched very high-up on a shelf with other surprisingly orphaned bottles of booze was the largest bottle of champagne I’d ever seen. More astonishing then the size was the brand – VEUVE CLICQUOT or translated from French to English “Widow Clicquot”.  Yes, it’s ironic as I think of it now, since Chris and I fell in love with the history of the champagne on a cruise many, many years ago.  Upon hearing the brand’s translation, we devilishly contemplated the details surrounding François Clicquot’s death and marveled at how the Madam could rise to such prominence in an era where women were not permitted to even open a personal bank account.

While I gazed at the bottle, I remembered every-single-popped-cork.  Toasting new homes, promotions and the birth of our children; a bottle of Veuve Clicquot has been an iconic character in every adventure I enjoyed with Chris.  So in the spirit of charity, I purchased that exact bottle of Veuve Clicquot and auctioned it off at the Great Pumpkin Ball; with proceeds benefiting a cause very dear to my heart —  Good Grief.

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The Art of Living Lost: 50 and Fabulous!

Capture and Dog

Capture and DogA few months ago I was standing in a supermarket checkout line and a National Geographic headline caught my attention; 50 of the World’s last GREAT places — Destinations of a Lifetime.  As I was turning 50 in a few months, I purchased the issue and thought; maybe I would go on an adventure to one of the 50 last GREAT places for my 50th birthday?

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