The Art of Living Lost: Holy Cow Batman!

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Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 5.11.52 PMWhat was with last week’s post?

Truth be told, I wanted to play hooky and go to a matinee with a girlfriend; the only way I could make this happen was to re-purpose a bit of writing I had waiting in the wings. Like everything else though, this was done with intention as I also wanted to introduce you to some new stuff.  So here goes,

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The Art of Living Lost: Harnessing the Power of Tenacity

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IMG_8980 (1)A few months ago I was asked to write an e-learning module about the Power of Tenacity; as I contemplated the topic, I wondered what makes a person tenacious?  Are you born with tenacity or is it a learned characteristic?  If we are born with the ability to be tenacious, how do we tap into it?  It was with these questions in mind that I started my research.

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The Art of Living Lost: Find Your Line

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A few weeks ago, as I was pulling out of the kiddy drop-off line, I had this intense urge to slam my foot on the gas and speed down the straight that led from my kid’s high school to our home.  As my heart raced, I lifted my foot from the gas and the words “Lime Rock” popped into my head.  Giddy for a moment, my next adventure started to unfold.

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