The Art of Living Lost: Find Your Line

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A few weeks ago, as I was pulling out of the kiddy drop-off line, I had this intense urge to slam my foot on the gas and speed down the straight that led from my kid’s high school to our home.  As my heart raced, I lifted my foot from the gas and the words “Lime Rock” popped into my head.  Giddy for a moment, my next adventure started to unfold.

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The Art of Living Lost: 50 and Fabulous!

Capture and Dog

Capture and DogA few months ago I was standing in a supermarket checkout line and a National Geographic headline caught my attention; 50 of the World’s last GREAT places — Destinations of a Lifetime.  As I was turning 50 in a few months, I purchased the issue and thought; maybe I would go on an adventure to one of the 50 last GREAT places for my 50th birthday?

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